Shipping costs

Shipping costs are determined by the number of cartons and country of delivery.

6 to 66 bottles: 9,00 €
72+ bottles: free

6 to 12 bottles: 10,00 €
18 to 42 bottles: 20,00 €
48+ bottles: 30,00 €


We live and breathe wine

As a family business for many generations,
Weinhof Platzer has always stood for high
quality wines reminiscent of their origin.


Enjoy yourself at the winery

Visit us onsite at the winery. Our assortment
of fine wines will take you on a delightful
journey of discovery.


Weinhof Platzer

Our winery and vineyards are idylically nestled in the hills of the southeast Styrian volcanic region.

Winemaking has been practised at the winery for several generations. We take special care of our vines throughout the growing season in order to achieve the maximum quality and specific origin-based style. It is essential to work very gently from harvest to full grape maturity so that the full bouquet of grapes makes it into the wine glass.

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Dive in

Keller außen
Fasskeller aussen

How do you fill your glass?

White Wine

White Wine

From fruit-accented Welschriesling to characterful reed wine - with long storing potential.

Red Wine

Red Wine/Rosé

High quality red wines characterised by the volcanic soil of our region.



As an aperitif as well as a fruity companion in all circumstances.



Our grape brandies are only available in limited quantity, so we put even more commitment into every bottle.

News from the Winery

Wir sind auf der Falstaff Weißweingala 2019

Wir sind auf der Falstaff Weißweingala 2019

Am 17. Juni dürfen wir in der Wiener Hofburg unsere Wein präsentieren.

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Landessieger mit Cuvée Königsberg 2017

Landessieger mit Cuvée Königsberg 2017

Cuvée Königsberg 2017 wurde steirischer Landessieger! Wir freuen uns riesig!
Am 23. Mai 2019 wurden in der Grazer Seifenfabrik die Auszeichnungen verliehen.

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Sonne trifft Wein - Start in die Wandersaison

Sonne trifft Wein - Start in die Wandersaison

In der Region Bad Radkersburg lockt die wärmere Jahreszeit dank des milden Klimas schon etwas früher. Am Samstag, 30. März wird bereits der TAU-Weg der Riede in Tieschen eröffnet.

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