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Wine is Poetry from the Bottle

Something for Every Taste

Our wine assortment covers almost all Styrian wine varieties - from the Styrian classic Welschriesling to the Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Gelber Muskateller, Chardonnay and regional specialities like the Traminer. When it comes to red wine, Blauer Zweigelt takes the leading role, followed by St. Laurent and Syrah.

Our greatest wealth is the region in which we live due it its particular soils and climatic conditions. We have the unique potential to produce wines with a distinct typicity, which is reflected in our classic wines..

At our top vineyard in Aunberg, grapes are harvested with particularly high maturity. The Aunberg wines are shaped by the special characteristics of the vineyard.

Our consistent pursuit of the highest quality is appreciated by our many regular customers. While sales at the winery are very important to us so we can personally interact with our customers, our wines are also offered in restaurants as well as selective wine shops.

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There are no sales on Sundays and public holidays.

News from the Winery

1. Platz bei der Falstaff Sauvignon Blanc Steiermark Trophy

1. Platz bei der Falstaff Sauvignon Blanc Steiermark Trophy

Unser Sauvignon blanc Tieschen 2022 konnte bei der Falstaff Sauvignon Blanc Steiermark Trophy überzeugen und holte sich den 1. Platz.
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Landessieger mit Grauburgunder 2022

Landessieger mit Grauburgunder 2022

Wir sind Landessieger!
Mit unserem Grauburgunder DAC 2022
holten wir die begehrte Trophäe.
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Steirischer Junker 2023

Steirischer Junker 2023

Steirischer Junker 2023

Der Vorbote des neuen Jahrgangs ist da!

Ab 25. Oktober bei uns am Weinhof.
Am 08. November Präsentation in der Stadthalle Graz

Tickets für Graz auf Ö-Ticket

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