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Shipping costs are determined by the number of cartons and country of delivery.

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72+ bottles: free

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18 to 42 bottles: 20,00 €
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Welcome to our Winery!

Our winery and vineyards are idylically nestled in the hills of the southeast Styrian volcanic region. Winemaking has been practised at the Weinhof Platzer for several generations.

Our vineyards are all in the immediate vicinity of our winery. Together with our partners, we cultivate a vineyard area of 32 hectres. The most important vineyard sites are Aunberg, Königsberg, Klöchberg and Stradner Rosenberg. These top vineyards produce the highest quality grapes, which we delicately bring from the vine to the wine bottle. We take special care of our vines throughout the growing season in order to achieve the maximum quality and specific origin-based style.

The aim of this cultivation is preserving the ecological balance in the vineyard, protecting the beneficial land and producing in harmony with nature. "The intelligent man makes nature a friend." (Schiller) It is essential to work very gently from harvest to full grape maturity so that the full bouquet of grapes is brought into the wine glass. Selective harvesting by hand is a matter of course for us. In addition, our wine cellar was built through a carefully thought-out process so that our wine can develop unencumbered until full maturity.

Our devotion to wine has led to numerous awards in recent years, including wins from the 'Steierischen Landesweinbewertung' (Styrian State Wine Awards), SALON Austria Wine Awards, Austrian-Wine Challenge as well as at regional wine competitions, such as the 'Kleine-Zeitung-Weinkost' (Wine Tasting) and 'Steierischen Weintrophy' (Styrian Wine Trophy). All of these awards support our commitment to the high quality of our wines.

News from the Winery

Falstaff Punkteregen

Falstaff Punkteregen

Prämierung bei der Falstaff Vulkanland Trophy:
Wir freuen uns über 93 Punkte für den Sauvignon Ried Aunberg Reserve 2017

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Der Junker ist da!

Der Junker ist da!

Das warten hat ein Ende:
Der Junker 2019 ist ab sofort verfügbar!

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Wir sind auf der Falstaff Weißweingala 2019

Wir sind auf der Falstaff Weißweingala 2019

Am 17. Juni dürfen wir in der Wiener Hofburg unsere Wein präsentieren.

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